Creating Facebook Applications

When I was a teenager, attempting to create a sense of self worth during the rise of Myspace, I began learning HTML on my own. I figured it was the best way to get ahead of the game, and have the most kick-ass page that would make my male friends suddenly turn into mush and recognize how kick-ass I was. Or, something like that.. Anyway, the point is I started to teach myself the basics which opened my mind up to interactive technology and a new way of working in the world.

Fast forward December 2012, 25-years-old working at Pacific Magazine. Our Facebook was at about  12,000 fans, with low to medium interaction rates and that’s where I saw opportunity. After a year Pacific had over 20,000 fans, and no post went un-liked. I can’t take credit for all the content, but what I can take credit for is the analysis and research that led to creating a strategic posting calendar based on products or services offered and when their best opportunity for peak interaction would be.

I began looking into alternative ways to create applications that would increase our user database by allowing us to collect Facebook follower’s information. Alternatives that wouldn’t require me to enter back into the collegiate race. I didn’t buy a “Coding for dummies” book (though I am in search of one), I just took my basic skills and began to research opportunities that would keep our budget low, our interaction high, and offer something new to our followers while increasing our numbers across the board.

VOILA! Check out one of the more recent apps I developed utilizing ShortStack. This particular application was created for a Miller Coors contest, hosted by Pacific Magazine.


Once clicked on, the user must “like” our page before they can play.


Then the fun begins! Users enter their information into the provided spaces to enter the contest, and this information is carried over into our database.


Now we’ve captured information on our direct consumers! An application is not just for the looks (sexy as they might be), but for turning a regulated space that prohibits the sale of consumer information to businesses into an opportunity to actually gather information on your consumer while boosting numbers!

I suggest ShortStack to all small businesses looking to increase engagement, but be cautioned – you absolutely should have either a designer or skills in design to truly develop polished applications! It’s not necessary as they have layouts you can utilize and edit, however having a cohesive and interesting design will further your brand recognition.

Now, can anyone send me that Coding for Dummies book?

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