Digital Content & Strategy Development


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December 2012

  • Facebook: 12,424
  • Twitter: 900

March 2014

  • Facebook: 22,402 (+9,978)
  • Twitter: 12,500 (+11,600)

In December 2012, I began working with Pacific Magazine and developed social media channels, primarily focusing on Facebook and Twitter. By creating engaging content and developing a strategic posting calendar, Pacific’s numbers began to steadily rise and by March 2014 Facebook followership had increased by 80% and Twitter by 1188%.

Through research and analysis, I compiled detailed information that helped to determine when a specific product or service had the highest interaction rates. The result was a strategic posting calendar that would dictate when Pacific would post content for a particular advertiser allowing for maximum reach and interaction.

In March 2012, I handed off the content development to the Editorial Assistant so that I could focus on digital campaign development for our clients, and helped to create more opportunities for Pacific advertisers, though still conducting competitive research and monitoring Facebook policies and regulations. By guiding the content and strategy, we were able to continue to steadily increase our interaction rates and reach.

Here are some examples of my previous content development work at Pacific San Diego Magazine.





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