Digital Content & Strategy Development


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December 2012

  • Facebook: 12,424
  • Twitter: 900

March 2014

  • Facebook: 22,402 (+9,978)
  • Twitter: 12,500 (+11,600)

In December 2012, I began working with Pacific Magazine and developed social media channels, primarily focusing on Facebook and Twitter. By creating engaging content and developing a strategic posting calendar, Pacific’s numbers began to steadily rise and by March 2014 Facebook followership had increased by 80% and Twitter by 1188%. Continue reading


Creating Facebook Applications

When I was a teenager, attempting to create a sense of self worth during the rise of Myspace, I began learning HTML on my own. I figured it was the best way to get ahead of the game, and have the most kick-ass page that would make my male friends suddenly turn into mush and recognize how kick-ass I was. Or, something like that.. Anyway, the point is I started to teach myself the basics which opened my mind up to interactive technology and a new way of working in the world. Continue reading