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The Return

cropped-eiffeltower-kiss-text.jpgWe did it! We backpacked for seven weeks through seven countries in the EU and (our engagement)ย survived! Continue reading

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May 16th, 2015

The best day ever.

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Leo Burnett tells it well.

Leo Burnett tells it well.

If there’s one thing I’m extremely passionate about, it’s creating meaningful messages that impact society in a positive way through non-traditional tactics.

Today the spotlight lands on one of my favorite agencies out of Milwaukee, Serveย Marketingย  – the country’s only all-volunteer, nonprofit advertising agency. Through their tackling public issues they’ve lowered teen pregnancy rates, gun violence, homeless teens, etc. They’ve tapped into issues that are important to the public in a way that creates a dialog, and more importantly – progresses their community. Continue reading

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New Sketches


Hey, Baby.

Meet Willoughby Frank, my first nephew.

2 hours old.


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